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Impact Econ Research provides enterprise analytics, economic modelling and policy design and evaluation to government agencies, non-profit organizations and civic campaigns. We pride ourselves on being able to solve complex problems with a holistic approach that creates innovative and complete solutions, with a focus on people, markets and processes.


We assist clients in understanding and leveraging their internal data collection as well as changes in economic, social, and political conditions - and in public policy - to support effective evidence-driven decision-making. Our technical knowledge and big data offerings enable institutional clients to effectively evaluate their existing operations, future initiatives and prospective opportunities.


Impact Econ Research will answer complex questions irrespective of scope and magnitude. We produce custom reports, presentations, testimony, infographics and interactive data visualizations and maps to target communications and media to key audiences.


The Impact Econ Research team of economists, data scientists, lawyers, actuaries and media relations experts serve clients nationwide.


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